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Halperns' Steak and Seafood now brings you America's only 10+ Wagyu Beef Program. From the hills of Northern California, Masami 10+ sold exclusively by Halperns'

Nestled in the hills of northern California lies America's finest Wagyu Program. Japanese owned and operated, Masami Ranch is the only certified 10+ domestic Wagyu beef based only on the Japanese BMS chart. Originally designed to export back to Japan, Masami 10+ is now exclusively brought to market by Halperns' Steak and Seafood.

Unlike most domestic Wagyu programs, Masami Ranch is a completely sustainable farm utilizing a rich feed of whole corn, grains, and other local items. Masami's animals are born, raised, and fed on their 7000 acre ranch and are fed in covered stations that allows the animals comfort and security.

It takes over 850 days and massive amounts of quality feed to raise these 1700 lbs. animals. The quality of these animals are so high that 50% of the grade out will normally qualify into Halperns'10+ grade.

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