Halperns' 2019 Culinary Showcase in Atlanta, GA
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The backbone of many great sauces and glazes. We’ve collected a great selection of flavors for you to choose from. All will awaken the taste buds and add spice to your recipes. Be sure to try them all, your customers will thank you.

88-40020 Mustard Dijon 7.4 oz
88-40030 Mustard Green Peppercorn 7 oz
88-40060 Mustard Tarragon Le Blanc 7 oz
88-40065 Mustard Pinot Noir 7 oz

88-40070 Mustard Whole Grain 17.6 oz Clovis
88-40080 Mustard Violet Denoix 30 oz
88-45100 Saffron Mancha 1 oz Threads
88-45103 Saffron Mancha 1 oz Powder

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