Halperns' 2019 Culinary Showcase in Atlanta, GA
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Pate & Mousse

Duck, Poultry, and Game Pates. Available in small or large sizes, flavored in traditional flavors.
* Special Order

88-87005 Pate Boar Wild w/ Chestnut-3 pigs *
88-87010 Pate Chicken Terrine w/ Pistachios *
88-87015 Pate Campagne(country)
88-87020 Pate ForesKer 3.75# avg.
88-87025 Pate Goose Mousse w/ Sauternes *

88-87030 Pate Mousse Truffle Large
88-87036 Pate Mousse Au Poivre Noir-3 pigs
88-87040 Pate venison—3 pigs *
88-87045 Pate Duck w/ Orange Fabrique

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