Halperns' 2019 Culinary Showcase in Atlanta, GA
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Southeast Family Farms is the most innovative “farm to table” project our industry has seen. The concept is sustainable as it is designed to satisfy the needs of our regions ‘working’ farmer and the needs of our Chefs that are looking for locally sourced, exceptional tasting product.. We have built backyard connections with a network of family farmers that are leaders in their respective livestock categories. Each can trace their farming roots and connections to their land back generations, but are forward thinking and are using the best practices and integrity to raise better livestock. Our products are ever expanding but our efforts thus far have brought to the market; Southern Hare Lamb, Dry-Aged Angus Beef, Heritage BReed Hogs, Caprine (Goat), Fresh Rabbit, to name a few. We are bridging the gap between the Farmer and the Chef. Our customers, and yours, want to feel connected to who is growing their food and the story it tells. These connections are established through face to face, “handshake” deals. Our word is our bond in satisfying the livelihood of our regions best farmers….and bringing superior local product to our Chefs. Southeast Family Farms is a proud community of farmers and growers and the inventive products produced through this program will be a much welcomed addition to your menus.

Ask your Halperns’ representative for a list of our ever expanding product otpion.

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