Discover Delicious and Affordable Angus Beef Options for Your Holiday Menu

As the holiday season approaches and the prices of tenderloins and ribeyes soar, Halperns’ is here to provide you with high-quality, affordable alternatives! Our 1855 Angus Beef offerings, such as the Manhattan Strip Roast and the KC Strip, are perfect for elevating your holiday menu without breaking the bank. The Manhattan Roast is expertly prepared and ready to be carved tableside, while our tender and juicy KC Strips are meticulously trimmed and well-marbled, ensuring a mouthwatering dining experience whether grilled or oven-cooked.

In addition to these tantalizing options, we also feature a baseball cut sirloin in 1855 Angus Beef, combining the upscale presentation of a tenderloin with the more budget-friendly price of a sirloin. Consider featuring one of these delectable items as a special to alleviate the demand on tenderloins and ribeyes currently on your menu.

Our 1855 Angus beef is renowned for its premium quality, delivering unparalleled flavor, juiciness, and tenderness that chefs have come to rely on. Sourced from the esteemed Grand Island, NE area, known for its superior cattle production, our Angus beef undergoes natural marbling processes, resulting in layers of flavor that captivate the palate. Chefs across the country trust 1855 Angus Beef for its consistent quality and unwavering excellence.

With Halperns’, you can offer your guests unforgettable steaks at an affordable price, even amidst rising beef costs. Our commitment to providing quality products at a great value ensures that you can keep your patrons coming back for more, season after season.

Contact a Halperns' sales professional today to explore our range of Angus beef options and elevate your holiday menu with delicious and affordable choices. Let us help you create memorable dining experiences for your guests.