1855 Angus Beef

As the price of tenderloins and ribeyes continues to rise going into the holiday season, Halperns’ has you covered with high quality, more affordable options! Try our 1855 Angus Beef Manhattan Strip Roast. Or our 1855 Angus Beef KC Strip. The Manhattan Roast is ready to be prepared and carved tableside and the tender and juicy KC Strips are well-marbled and trimmed to perfection. They are bursting with flavor that comes to life on the grill or in the oven, providing the ultimate eating experience.

We also offer a baseball cut sirloin in 1855 Angus Beef to have the upscale plate presentation of a tenderloin but the more affordable price of a sirloin. Try running one of these items mentioned as a special to take some of the pressure off the tenderloin and ribeyes currently offered on your menu.   

1855 Angus beef is premium beef that offers the flavor, juiciness, and tenderness that chefs have come to rely on. 1855 Angus Beef is single sourced from the Grand Island, NE area, known for its superior cattle production. The Angus breed marbles in natural and abundant ways for incredible layers of flavor. Chefs have come to trust 1855 Angus Beef because it always provides unwavering quality and reliable consistency.

These are quality products at a great price! Even with the rising beef costs, you can still offer memorable steaks at an affordable price to keep your guests coming back for more.