Discover Venison: The Ultra Lean Gourmet Protein

May 8, 2024

With its delicate flavor profile, exquisite tenderness, and excellent nutritional benefits, it’s easy to see why venison is becoming wildly popular. Around the world, Chefs are reaching for this ultra lean and highly versatile protein for a range of dishes as diners seek more sustainable and healthy red meat options. Halperns’ is proud to partner…

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Make It Special: Unique and High-End Specialty Products

November 7, 2023

Halperns’ is known for our world-class meat and seafood. But did you know we stock over 2,000 unique specialty products, (and can source thousands more for our customers)? Yup, it’s true! To explain “specialty” items, we’re not talking about our usual protein-centric solutions. Instead, it’s everything that supports and enhances the center of the plate.…

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Making the Cut: 8 Seafood Options for Your Menu

June 1, 2023
Platter of oysters on the half shell topped with caviar

This month at Halperns’, we’re sharing eight featured seafood items that are worthy of consideration for your center of your plate menu offering. The summer season is just around the corner. With that comes cravings for fresher, lighter, and healthier food options. From picnics to the patio, there are endless options available to capitalize on…

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Adding Value with Portioned Seafood Cuts

March 31, 2023

Restaurants are seeing lots of movement and volume. As the summer months draw closer, those hungry guests are going to crave a little surf with their turf. But the preparation of seafood takes time and skill that most food-service establishments just don’t have right now, due to post-Covid labor shortages. So, what’s a Chef to…

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Dive Into Our Specialty Seafood

February 24, 2023

Need to set your menu apart but are struggling to find cuts with center-plate potential? It’s time to take to the water. The growing American seafood market is estimated at $6.4 billion, driven largely by the restaurant industry. This means that guests are ready for a sea-faring menu, especially if it’s a delightful and surprising…

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5 Ways to Make Ends Meat

December 5, 2022

The market is on fire right now – and not in the delicious, seared steak way… If you feel like things are constantly changing, well, it’s because they are. Thanks to seasonal market fluctuations and inflation, served with a side of drought and rising labor costs – it seems like every day there’s a new…

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Beef up on your Wagyu knowledge

October 27, 2022

The difference between Japanese, Australian, and American Wagyu.   Think about your menu. What sets you apart? Is it unique flavor combinations? Your presentation skills? The quality of your ingredients? One thing that we know that will keep the customers coming back through your door is best-in-class protein. And when it comes to the best…

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Halperns’ Partners with La Bodega

July 31, 2020

Halperns’ is excited to partner with La Bodega, a purveyor of fine wines, spirits, meats, and cheeses, of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. La Bodega was founded by M.G. Cuesta and is part of the CCN group. They feature a wide selection of imported wines and spirits as well as a wide variety of…

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Interview with Chef Ryli Vissers from The University of Notre Dame

February 5, 2020

What was your path to the Chef that you are today? I grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin surrounded by Midwest comfort food.  Stews, braised meats, fried fish on Fridays, prime rib Saturdays and broasted chicken Sundays.   I love the way food brings people together. When I was 16 I washed dishes in a restaurant.…

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Interview with Chef Lilah Plaggemars from Bowdie’s Chophouse

January 6, 2020

Today Chef Lilah Plaggemars from Bowdie’s Chophouse stops by for an interview. She graduated from the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education. As the executive Chef of Bowdie’s Chophouse, all of her culinary worlds come together: the best ingredients, excellent service, and gourmet desserts. What was your path to the Chef that you are today? I…

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