Halperns’ is a chef-driven center of the plate company, for years sourcing the finest meats and seafood from the world’s best sources. We have expanded this procurement philosophy to include the unique and difficult to find specialty items. These high-quality cheeses, salts, oils, vinegars, grains, olives, caviars, and produce are here to enhance your menus.

From fresh Hearts of Palm to Spanish Manchego Cheese from Cerignola Olives to Black Winter Truffles; from Mancha Saffron to  Osetra Caviar. This digital brochure is designed to make you aware of this unique part of our business. We are convinced you will find some inspiration in the ingredients we’ve gathered to make your food even more unique, more special. Let us know if you are looking for something you do not see and we’ll source it for you.

Asian Inspired

Influence from the far east has caught the attention of culinarians all over the world. At Halperns’ we stock a large and diverse assortment of these flavorful ingredients.

Bacon, Sausages, and Cured Meats

Need we say more? Our brands aren’t your typical charcuterie. Benton’s Bacon, Creminelli, Fermin Iberico, and many more. All the flavor profiles you require right at your fingertips. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask your Halperns’ representative and we will see what we can do.


Beans Common to exotic, lentils and legumes. Halperns’ stocks a vast supply and purchases in bulk.


Once reserved for royalty, we offer caviars both farmed and wild from all over the world.   Sold by the ounce or kilo our importer has been a staple in the caviar import business for over 20 years. 


Between direct importing from Europe and stateside procurement, Halperns' offers over 200 different varieties of cheese.  Our team has spent many years visiting farms and creameries in order to put together this diverse portfolio. 

Fruit Purees

Fruit Purees provide a lot of flavor with consistency, stability, and convenience. Perfect year round when some fruits are out of season. Picked at the peak of ripeness, these flavors are locked in and frozen. 30 Ounce re-sealable tubs. 6 Tubs per case.


The purest of nectar, our flavored honeys are simple and flavorful.

Jams, Pastes, and Spreads

Unique preserves, jams, and spreads from pure ingredients.

Marinated Seafood

Imported and domestic marinated seafood salads and sardines. Great Mediterranean flavors to enhance any buffet or event.


Fresh, Wild, Frozen, Dried, and even powdered. We have them all. Seasonal fresh wild and cultivated mushrooms are brought in daily.


The backbone of many great sauces and glazes. We’ve collected a great selection of flavors for you to choose from. All will awaken the taste buds and add spice to your recipes. Be sure to try them all, your customers will thank you.


Oils have a role in every type of cuisine. Halperns’ brings together a group of oils that will enhance the flavors of any dish. From Avocado Oil to Meyer’s Lemon oil, these will bring excitement and that enhanced flavor to all of your dishes.

Olives & Marinated Vegetables

And other marinated items compliment your dishes by adding a savory salty aspect. Perfectly spiced, pitted or whole these little bites are perfectly suited for any menu. We have a vast assortment ready to serve.

Pate & Mousse

Duck, Poultry, and Game Pates. Available in small or large sizes, flavored in traditional flavors.


The spice of life. Dried, powders, paste.

Rice & Flour

Exotic rice from all corners of the world and in all colors, are the perfect partner to create another dimension of flavor to with your cuisine. 


Each corner of the world has its own exotic salts. Chefs are now just beginning to unlock their true potential. Halperns’ provides a complete inventory of specialty salts to fit any level of creativity.


From around the world, spices enhance and define every cuisine. These are not your typical spices, but are unique and interesting.


Often called “The Diamond of the Culinary World”. Halperns’ knows the value of this precious commodity. Fresh when available, as well as infused into flours, paste, and other flavorful products.


To create balance on your plate, Halperns’ carries an impressive list of vinegars of all flavors and from all parts of the world.   Aged, infused, or from Ice Wine, all will add that something extra to your creations.