We take Facility and Food Safety seriously

With over 250,000-plus square feet of specialized temperature-controlled refrigerated storage and processing space, Halperns’ operates one of the largest food service meat specialty networks in the United States, completely dedicated to center-of-the-plate proteins.


Food safety is paramount to our operation. We are inspected and audited by third-party agencies whose requirements exceed those of the USDA, FDA, and local regulatory agencies.  Suppliers go through an approval process to ensure wholesome practices on their part, and we take the extra steps including internal auditing of all our facilities to provide you with the assurance that we strictly manage a system that safeguards the products we deliver to your door.


  • HACCP – Halperns’ is a meat & seafood processor operating under an established quality assurance program and fully implemented HACCP plans that cover all our processes with all appropriate critical control points identified.
  • Quality assurance program – Halperns’ quality assurance program covers every aspect of the food chain from procurement, through processing, to shipping.  These programs include supplier approval, receiving, storage, temperature monitoring, allergen control, metal detection, and outbound shipping to name a few.
  • Temperature control - from receiving to storage, production and shipping, our docks, coolers, freezer and production rooms are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day. All areas of the facility are kept well below critical limits in order to extend shelf life and to inhibit the incidence of spoilage bacteria growth.
  • Good manufacturing practices - Halperns’ employees follow a detailed gmp program that covers employee hygeine, company issue garments, product handling, sanitary compliance in processing and warehouse areas
  • Training –  Halperns’ employees are provided extensive training upon hire and at least annually thereafter that covers food safety, HACCP, GMP's, allergens, food defense, and employee safety.   Our management team observes employee practices to ensure that employees understand and follow the training provided to them
  • Traceability – from the moment that product is received on our dock, Halperns’ utilizes a state of the art tracking system that follows the product through barcoding all the way from receipt through processing to the final end user allowing for complete traceability of products.