Make It Special: Unique and High-End Specialty Products

Halperns’ is known for our world-class meat and seafood. But did you know we stock over 2,000 unique specialty products, (and can source thousands more for our customers)? Yup, it’s true! To explain “specialty” items, we’re not talking about our usual protein-centric solutions. Instead, it’s everything that supports and enhances the center of the plate. Or even items that can stand on their own, like all the makings for a high-end charcuterie board.

These items are curated to give Chefs endless options for infusing creativity and unexpected surprises in their cuisine. It’s an easy way to put a twist on something familiar. For example, if you have a filet on the plate with a side of asparagus and mashed potatoes, you could consider switching it up with an interesting oil, vinegar, or side of exotic mushrooms – or even create a sauce, glaze, or spice blend to up the flavor.

Crave-Worthy Specialty Items for Fall and Winter Menus

As much of the country moves into colder weather, you may be looking for ways to take traditional comfort-food classics and infuse an unexpected flavor or elevate them for your fine-dining establishment. Maybe you want to add some unique, gourmet items for holiday indulgences. Whatever you need, Halperns’ has you covered.

    1. Cheese

      Halperns’ carries a finely curated catalog of over 200 premium-quality cheeses, each telling a unique story of taste and craftsmanship. From the bold, earthy notes of aromatic-aged bleu cheese to the nuanced complexity of meticulously aged cheddar, our selection is a testament to our unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. Our dedicated team of experts has spent years cultivating relationships with artisanal cheese producers, both stateside and in Europe. These relationships ensure that you’re not just selecting cheese; you’re choosing the legacy of generations, the terroir of distinct regions, and the heritage of authentic cheese-making traditions.
      Suggested use: Charcuterie boards, appetizers, grated over pasta, on an elevated sandwich or pizza. It’s cheese; the options are endless.

    1. Bacons, Sausages, and Cured Meats

      At Halperns’, we take our commitment to providing the finest quality meats seriously, and this extends to our selection of bacons, sausages, and cured meats. We proudly offer a range of renowned brands, including the beloved Benton’s Bacon, Creminelli, Fermin Iberico, and an array of other exceptional choices. But our dedication to delivering excellence goes beyond the familiar; if there’s something specific you require, our sourcing capabilities are unparalleled. Elevate your charcuterie board with the exquisite addition of Guanciale, a delectable cured pork jowl that sets a new standard for flavor and quality.
      Suggested use: Charcuterie boards, appetizers, in salads, on pizzas, breakfasts and brunches, or basically anywhere your heart desires.

    1. Oils and Vinegars

      Think outside the vinaigrette. Our expansive catalog offers much more than just essential kitchen staples; it’s an invitation to embark on a culinary adventure. Discover the art of flavor infusion with our exquisite collection of infused oils, each one capturing the essence of various herbs, fruits, and spices. Explore the world of rare and exceptional vinegars, which lend their unique character to marinades, reductions, and dressings. With Halperns’, you’re not merely adding ingredients; you’re adding layers of complexity, depth, and innovation to your dishes. Unleash your creativity and elevate your culinary artistry with our premium oils and vinegars.
      Suggested use: On meats and vegetables, dress up a soup, dips and spreads, topping for ice cream, and – of course, salad dressings.

    1. Pâtés and Mousse

      We are one of the very few U.S. providers of foie gras, a French delicacy made from the fatty liver of a duck or goose. This exclusive offering exemplifies our dedication to sourcing exceptional ingredients for the culinary world. Our selection extends beyond foie gras, encompassing an array of poultry and game pâtés, each possessing a deep, rich flavor. These artisanal creations are the perfect addition to any plate, particularly during the winter months when the desire for warmth and comfort in every bite reigns supreme. Elegance and sophistication, as embodied by our foie gras and pâtés, await the discerning palate of passionate Chefs and connoisseurs alike.
      Suggested use: Appetizers, served as a side, or dips and spreads.

    1. Mustards, Jams, and Honey

      These are not just condiments; they are the essential building blocks of flavor and sweetness in your culinary creations. At Halperns’, we understand the pivotal role that mustards, jams, and honey play in restaurant kitchens. Our selection goes beyond the ordinary, offering you the finest local honey, sourced from apiaries in your backyard, and exotic spicy mustards that can transform a sauce from good to extraordinary. Each jar represents a world of possibilities for your kitchen, whether you’re crafting a delectable glaze, enhancing the flavors of a charcuterie board, or creating a standout sauce. With Halperns’, the foundation of your dishes is just as exceptional as the rest of your culinary journey.
      Suggested use: Charcuterie boards, sauces, drizzles, plus whatever else you can imagine.

    1. Spices and Salts

      Every great culinary masterpiece begins with the finest ingredients, and that includes even the most seemingly humble elements like spices and salts. At Halperns’, we recognize the transformative power of these flavor enhancers. Our extensive collection encompasses not only the essential spices but also rare and exotic variants that can elevate your dishes to extraordinary levels. Beyond spices, we offer a unique selection of salts, each imparting its distinctive character to your creations. The choice of salt alone can be a revelation for your palate, influencing the flavor profile of a dish in remarkable ways. Here, we encourage you to explore the art of seasoning, from the aromatic to the exotic, because in the world of culinary excellence, even the simplest ingredients make a profound impact.
      Suggested use: As a garnish, meat rubs, and seasoning your signature dishes to perfection.

    1. Distinctive Products

      These are culinary treasures that elevate your dishes and keep your customers returning for more. Explore the world of gastronomy with our selection of rare and exceptional ingredients. Delight in the earthy richness of rare mushrooms, meticulously sourced to enhance your recipes. Our marinated seafood options provide a burst of Mediterranean flavors, while our imported olives are a testament to global excellence. For those seeking culinary opulence, indulge in the sought-after luxury of truffles. Discover both the rare, fresh truffles (season permitting) and the convenience of truffle-infused flours, pastes, and other exquisite products. Embrace the return of an ageless delicacy as caviar takes center stage once more.
      Suggested use: Sauces, garnishes, unique appetizers, aromatics, and flavor enhancement.

Stand-Out Specialty Products

In need of some more inspiration? Here are a few popular items from our specialty selection that Chefs can’t get enough of lately.

    1. Caviar

      Sold by the ounce or kilo, we carry a wide variety of both wild and farm-raised caviar, including sturgeon, beluga, and Ossetra. Each type has its own flavor profile and appeal. Plus, because of the regulations limiting the harvesting and trade of sturgeon, other caviar alternatives, such as farmed caviar, have become increasingly popular which means that this rare and costly treat is now more affordable and accessible.


    1. White Balsamic Fig Pearls

      A stunning garnish atop any dish, white balsamic fig pearls are a new plant-based alternative to caviar, with a unique flavor. To make these beautiful little soft spheres, balsamic vinegar is dried, gelled, and then filled with a liquid heart. They concentrate balsamic vinegar’s aromas and fragrances in a symphony of flavors – adding extra sparkle to your recipes. We suggest trying them with sushi, salads, pizza, desserts, and even cocktails.


    1. BLiS Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

      This incredibly robust, small-batch maple syrup is made with 100% pure maple syrup harvested from old-growth maple orchards. It is then kettle-cooked before being aged in hand-selected, 18-year-old Kentucky bourbon barrels. Its deep notes of charred oak, Kentucky bourbon, and baking spice, balanced by sweetly delicate aromas of honey and vanilla, make it the perfect fall and winter flavor. It’s great on its own, in a sauce, or in a cocktail.


  1. Black Garlic Shoyu

    A technique that dates back nearly 3,000 years, Shoyu is a soy-sauce-like sauce that comes from Japan. Combining the fermented soybeans with unique black garlic gives this one-of-a-kind sauce an earthy must with notes of fig, raisin, molasses, and garlic. It’s the perfect umami ingredient for a rich, Asian-inspired dish.


At Halperns’, we deeply value the privilege of being part of your culinary journey. As the seasons shift, it’s the perfect time to embark on a flavor-packed adventure and breathe new life into your menu. From the zesty allure of bold flavors to an array of intriguing options to delight every palate, we’re here to inspire your creativity and elevate your culinary offerings. Whether you’re seeking unique ingredients or timeless classics, Halperns’ is your devoted partner. Let’s embrace the season’s bounty and craft memorable dining experiences together.

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