Antarctic Salmon Brand Sixty South Building New Hatchery

Introducing the future of sustainable seafood: Sixty South's new Antarctic Salmon hatchery is revolutionizing the industry. With a state-of-the-art 4-stage facility, they're set to produce 12 million smolts annually, all in eco-friendly, controlled conditions. This commitment to sustainability means you can trust their salmon to be antibiotic-free and raised in the purest, most natural environment possible.

Led by CEO Nicos Nicolaides, Sixty South is paving the way for eco-conscious aquaculture. Their new hatchery boasts cutting-edge technology to ensure water quality and minimize environmental impact. With 100% of their farming cycle in Tierra del Fuego, they're setting a new standard for responsible salmon production.

“This important investment confirms the commitment of the company towards sustainability as this new facility is eco-friendly, with state-of-the-art technology to control the water quality and the emissions to the environment,” said Sixty South CEO Nicos Nicolaides.

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Just like Sixty South's commitment to sustainability, we're dedicated to providing you with the finest seafood options available. Join the movement toward sustainable seafood by partnering with Halperns' and adding Sixty South's Antarctic Salmon to your menu. Contact our sales professionals today to learn more about incorporating this premium, eco-friendly option into your culinary offerings. Together, let's make a difference for our oceans and our palates.