Chef Gathering in New Orleans

On Wednesday, November 13th, Halperns’ had a chef gathering in New Orleans hosted by Chef Nick Lama from Avo Restaurant. The gathering included Scott Grieve from Gourmet Kitchen, Ryan Shinoki from Pacific Plaza Caviar Presentation, Bob Ambrose from Bella Bella Gourmet, Marco Mocellin from Taste of Real Italy, Linden Cowper and Brad Starnes from W. Black Australian Wagyu Beef, and Jessica Little from Sweetgrass Dairy.

The gathering featured talented chefs that we invited to hear about products from some of our partners. It also gave us a chance to show off some innovative and exciting items. The chefs got to enjoy tastings and hear from suppliers.

40 people came, and the food was tremendous. They also got a great education from our amazing supplier partners.

Special thanks (in no particular order) to Ryan (caviar), Marco (Salumi), Bob (Foie Gras), Linden and Brad (Wagyu), and Jessica (Sweetgrass dairy). And of course Tom Neeley for coming and doing it all. Steve MC’d.

Thank you to all the hospitality from Avo.

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