Halperns' 2019 Culinary Showcase in Atlanta, GA
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We don’t just cut meat. We are masters of precision cutting. Precision cutting reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction.

The Halpern family name is synonymous with innovation. Howard Halpern worked tirelessly with companies like Multi-Vac and AEW to introduce an entirely new generation of cutting and packaging to the industry. His ideas, designs and leadership are used by both companies today.

At Halperns’ we incorporate technology with hands-on, custom cutting. Our cutting professionals produce hundreds of hand-cut steaks every day, and our automated slicing systems yields thousands more. Every steak is packaged to maximize shelf life and ensure a tight seal. A system of production and package dating is also used to identify and track product through our processing system.

Consistency is the key to a quality portion control operation. From a plant-specific procurement program to proper aging in our specially designed coolers, everything Halperns’ does is designed to provide you and your guests the most consistent steaks and chops possible.

As you know from your operations, a quality product is made up of many little things executed very well every time. In addition to buying the best product and proper aging, we hand select and size the loins prior to cutting. The finished steaks will then go thru multiple QC checks supervised by hands-on senior management. Halperns’ has and maintains the highest and most stringent QA and QC procedures in the country with the most checks and balances to guarantee consistency beyond compare.

packagingOnce these steps are complete, proper packaging is essential. From individual to bulk packs, the film must be of the proper thickness, oxygen must be properly evacuated and the seal must be tight to provide you the maximum shelf life. Even though no two loins are the same, the look and performance of your Halperns’ steaks and chops will exceed your expectations every time.

Fish Room


At Halperns’ we take great pride in our fresh seafood facility. We are aware that more than any other protein, fresh seafood offers endless versatility of species and menu applications. We know that your seafood choices matter and we strive to source the highest quality raw materials available. Most of our daily offerings come from local day boat fisherman who hand select the fish to our specifications. These fish are traceable by vessel, point of harvest and date. While a majority of our daily fresh selections are wild-caught, we also offer farm raised alternatives with an emphasis on sustainable aquaculture. We participate in Seafood Watch and follow the guidelines set forth by the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

In Halperns’ fresh seafood department, commitment to quality is applied to every aspect of the cycle. All fillets and portions are specially packed to ensure maximum freshness. The 10K02R packaging system we employ has revolutionized the fresh seafood industry and is an integral part of our cut fish program. These state of the art bags allow the fish to breathe out, but do not allow oxygen or any contaminants into the bags. The fresh fish stays protected from its environment and shelf life is greatly enhanced. This system allows us to customize packaging to your individual specifications and provides you with maximum storing efficiencies. Halperns’ is proud to offer this industry-leading, cutting-edge packaging as a complement and added bonus to our superior fresh seafood program.

Each of our facilities also houses a specially designed live shellfish area maintained at 42°F with controlled humidity. Shellfish is flown in daily directly to our facility complete with point of origin tags depicting the harvest location, harvest date, shipper and shipping date. This information is vital to the success of our shellfish program as well as our stringent HACCP program. We are proud to offer a wide variety of oysters based on seasonal availability. Fresh mussels come to us from the Mediterranean, Prince Edward Island and the great state of Maine. In addition, we offer a complete variety of clams and live lobsters, as well as the popular Fresh Stone Crab Claws when available.

By purchasing from environmentally friendly sources, custom cutting and packaging, our practices and operations are unparalleled in the industry. Halperns’ realizes the importance of fresh fish and shellfish on your menu and we have tailored our program to meet the needs of you and your customers. We are committed to providing competitive prices daily and more importantly, the freshest most diverse line of fresh seafood available.

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