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Fruit Purees

The purest of nectar, our flavored honeys are simple and flavorful.

Fruit Purees provide a lot of flavor with consistency, stability, and convenience. Perfect year round when some fruits are out of season. Picked at the peak of ripeness, these flavors are locked in and frozen. 30 Ounce re-sealable tubs. 6 Tubs per case.

88-15124 Puree Apricot 30oz
88-15125 Puree Thai Basil and Pepper
88-15126 Puree Banana 30 oz tub
88-15127 Puree Black Currant 30 oz tub
88-15128 Puree Blood Orange 30 oz tub
88-15129 Puree Chipotle Sour
88-15130 Puree Thyme and Citrus
88-15131 Puree Coconut
88-15132 Puree El Corazon
88-15133 Puree Ginger Sweet
88-15134 Puree Green Apple
88-15135 Puree White Peach
88-15136 Puree Guava Pink
88-15137 Puree Kiwi

88-15138 Puree Lychee
88-15139 Puree Meyer Lemon
88-15140 Puree Yuzu
88-15141 Puree Mandarin/Tangerine
88-15142 Puree Mango
88-15143 Puree Papya
88-15144 Puree Passion Fruit
88-15146 Puree Pear
88-15147 Puree Prickly Pear
88-15148 Puree Pomegranate
88-15149 Puree Caramelized Pineapple
88-15151 Puree Red Raspberry
88-15152 Puree Strawberry
88-15153 Puree Tamarind
88-15154 Puree Lemon Zest

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