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products-gameWild game is soaring across menus today. Chefs understand the nutritional value and appreciate the sense of adventure and profit potential this category brings to the table.

At Halperns’ we take the traditional game offerings to the next level. We actively source unique and specialized items. Many of our suppliers are small boutique farmers and growers who take tremendous pride in their product. We have the largest, most extensive inventory of game meat and game birds available, including many all natural options.

Our Game Product selection includes:

Joyce Farms

joycefarms_logoJoyce Farms Specialty Birds are raised on small family farms in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. They are subject to stringent growing standards, similar to the Label Rouge program in France, with no hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics, drugs or any other artificial products administered. They are fed only wholesome natural grains with no animal by-products and the aging process ensures a moist and tender meat. All birds are USDA inspected. They offer fresh Poussin, Pintade, Pheasant and POULET ROUGE™ Fermier.

  • Poussin
  • Pheasant – Whole
  • Pheasant Airline Breast
  • Pheasant thigh meat
  • Guinea Hen
  • Squab
  • Rabbit – Whole
  • Rabbit – Legs
  • Rabbit – Loins

Manchester Farms

Manchester Farms is a second generation, family quail farm located in Columbia, South Carolina.  They pride themselves on raising happy, healthy heritage breed quail naturally.  They feel that if you give the best love, care, feed and environment there is no need for antibiotics.  Their quail eat a natural diet of grains plus vitamins, minerals and even probiotics.

Manchester Farms is most recognized for their hand deboned Semi Boneless “European Style” quail with their signature “V-pin”.  The quail is deboned by ladies that have been deboning for decades and is a true craft.   All bones have been removed except the wing and the drumstick without tearing the meat or skin.

  • Quail – Knots
  • Euro Quail
  • Quail Breasts
  • Quail Legs

Mountain River Natural Tender Venison

mountain-riverMountain River Natural Tender Venison from the free range pasture of New Zealand is the gourmet meat for a healthy lifestyle. Farmers in New Zealand recognize the need for a naturally produced, lean and delicious red meat; a meat that satisfies the demand for culinary creativity, taste satisfaction and excellent nutrition. Farmers in New Zealand care about what they produce, they farm in harmony with nature, not against.

  • Venison Denver Leg
  • Venison Flanks
  • Venison Leg Filet
  • Venison Boneless Shortloin
  • Venison Strips
  • Venison Rack
  • Venison Tenders
  • Venison Osso Bucco
  • Venison – Ground
  • Venison Stew
  • Whole Venison Saddles
  • Elk Rack
  • Elk Tenderloin
  • Elk Hindshanks
  • Elk Medallions

In addition to the suppliers above, we are proud to feature many other varieties. Included in those are:

  • Wild Boar Racks
  • Wild Boar Tenderloin
  • Wild Boar Leg B/I
  • Wild Boar Leg BRT
  • Wild Boar Shoulder BRT
  • Ostrich Fan Filet

Should you not see something you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask, we are happy to find it for you.

Southeast Family Farms Rabbit

southeast-rabbit-logoThose of you trained in classical European “Gastronomique” know that Rabbit has been at the cornerstone of dining for centuries. However, recently, Rabbit applications have been both renewed and revived on the Modern American plate!

Not only has Rabbit been a significant element in culinary development, its harvest also contribute heavily to economic sustainability and development in rural communities throughout the Southeast. A fellowship of local growers that originated in Hermitage Springs Tennessee, right on the Kentucky State Line, brings to Halperns’ the exclusive supply of custom harvest Fresh Rabbit! Because so many of these rural communities are dependent on Rabbit harvests, they are that much more devoted to its continued success…

Halperns’ Fresh Rabbits are raised on small family farms, without any antibiotics or growth stimulants and with 100% traceability. They are premium breeds, only California and New Zealand Whites. The Rabbits are 40% larger than commodity and meat is lighter and cleaner and tastes better! Preorder Fresh Rabbits today!

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