Halperns’ is most definitely known as a precision cut steak specialist, but there are tremendous advantages to buying your box beef from us as well.

First of all, our procurement philosophy. We are plant specific in our purchases to ensure you get the best-tasting beef available.

Second, we believe in the benefits of aging. Nothing adds flavor and tenderness better than proper aging.

Most importantly, however, is our cut steak program. We cut hundreds of thousands of steaks weekly and run yield tests constantly. If the packers get out of line “trim-wise,” we know it immediately and are the first to call. Even as a box beef customer you will benefit from our close scrutiny.

In addition to traditional wet aging, we are also pleased to offer dry aging, known for its deep rich complex flavor. You have never had a better steak than a Halperns’ dry aged-steak.

Hand Selection

For those of you with more demanding primal specifications, Halperns’ expert personnel will be happy to “Hand Select” your box beef to meet your needs. If you need additional age, smaller or larger loins or a closer than normal trim, just let us know and we will design a program to hit your specifications.