Halperns' 2019 Culinary Showcase in Atlanta, GA
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Halperns’ has one of the most versatile and flexible patty programs on the market today. We proudly feature burgers and sliders in various sizes made from:

1855 Angus Chuck Burgers
Our 1855 Angus Chuck Burger is the best burger on the market for the money. This is an 80/20 blend of Premium Black Angus Chuck and is available fresh or frozen.

USDA Prime 1855 Angus Burgers
This grind is 100% USDA Prime and is truly exceptional. Try it and see if your guests do not agree.

Masami American-style Wagyu
Wagyu, the Japanese breed of animal made famous as Kobe Beef, has been successfully raised here in the US for some time. These animals are grain fed a full year and produce an incredible amount of marble, which leads to its exceptionally rich flavor.

Halperns’ Premium Blend Ground Steak
This blend is designed to be very rich and flavorful. It contains several steak cuts and is a grind that performs very well in any application but especially as a chopped steak. It is incredibly rich and has a depth of flavor not normally associated with a ground product.

Halperns’ “CBS” Burgers
One of our most popular blends made up of chuck, brisket, and short-rib. This is available in multiple sizes and typically come in a home style pathe versus a package.

In Atlanta, we have a joint venture partnership with a company we have done business with for over 30 years. We procure the freshest high quality raw material and deliver to them daily. They produce the pattys and deliver the finished product to us daily. We will allow no table trimmings to be used in our pattys and only sell our trim to cookers.

In South Florida, we incorporated a state of the art grinding operation into our expansion.

In addition to selections above we offer “special blends” or “proprietary grinds” upon request. Please feel free to discuss with your Halperns’ representative or contact us at info@halperns.com.

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