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Natural & Sustainable Offerings

Halperns’ is proud to offer only the highest-quality proteins from suppliers that reflect our commitment to quality and match our drive to exceed your expectations. We manage a consistent supply of “All Natural” and “Sustainable” offerings from our vendors that will keep you on the culinary cutting edge.

niman-ranchNiman Ranch is more than just a strip steak, a pork chop or a burger. Niman Ranch is a brand name that resonates with chefs and consumers. They take pride in raising animals traditionally, humanely and sustainably to deliver the finest tasting all natural meats in the world. Their product line includes beef, pork, lamb, poultry and specialty items including ALL NATURAL CAGE FREE BROWN EGGS. Niman Ranch livestock are raised outdoors on sustainable U.S. family farms and ranches, where they are allowed to express their natural instinctive behaviors. They are “never ever” given added hormones or antibiotics and are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. Niman Ranch can consistently deliver the highest quality gourmet products because they are committed to sustainable agricultural practices and partner with U.S. family farmers and ranchers who share their beliefs in humane animal care.

harris-ranchHarris Ranch Beef Company, rich in family tradition, is another option for your premium natural beef program. The Harris Ranch USDA Certified Natural Black Angus Beef is one of the last truly vertically integrated beef companies in the United States. Harris Ranch runs a train that departs every 10 days from Nebraska carrying 100 rail cars of the finest Midwest corn to the Harris Ranch feed lot in the San Joaquin Valley of California. At the feed lot, they control the diet of Midwestern corn and locally grown feeds, all tested for pesticide residues and never containing animal proteins. Animal health is closely monitored, and any animal requiring treatment is identified and removed from the program. Their food safety and sanitation practices are state-of-the-art and include not only their plant, but also transport vehicles, cattle washing and cold chain management. A team of third-party auditors has repeatedly given Harris Ranch exceptional marks for food safety and sanitation. Their product quality and consistency coupled with our aging standards and exceptional cutting give you what you need to please your demanding customers.

southeast-rabbit-logoSoutheast Family Farms is the most innovative “farm to table” project our industry has seen. The concept is sustainable as it is designed to satisfy the needs of our regions ‘working’ farmer and the needs of our Chefs that are looking for locally sourced, exceptional tasting product.. We have built backyard connections with a network of family farmers that are leaders in their respective livestock categories. Each can trace their farming roots and connections to their land back generations, but are forward thinking and are using the best practices and integrity to raise better livestock. Our products are ever expanding but our efforts thus far have brought to the market; Southern Hare Lamb, Dry-Aged Angus Beef, Macon County Caprine (Goat), Heritage Breed Fresh Rabbit, to name a few. We are bridging the gap between the Farmer and the Chef. Our customers, and yours, want to feel connected to who is growing their food and the story it tells. These connections are established through face to face, “handshake” deals. Our word is our bond in satisfying the livelihood of our regions best farmers….and bringing superior local product to our Chefs. Southeast Family Farms is a proud community of farmers and growers and the inventive products produced through this program will be a much welcomed addition to your menus.

joycefarms_logoJoyce Farms Grass Fed Beef and their ranchers raise free-range cattle on small family farms and ranches where they graze, stress-free, on open prairies, pastures and meadows, recreating an age-old prairie environment. They have partnered with regional farmers and ranchers who raise the very best heritage stock and are proud to produce a superior grass finished beef. Those producers agree to raise their livestock under the stringent protocols set forth by Joyce Farms and Dr. Allen Williams who is a champion of the grass-fed beef industry as well as a leader in cutting edge grazing methodology. At every stage, the cattle are nurtured in the tradition of heritage ranching. They eat the purest all-grass diet that includes no grains, only plants and roughage. The diet never includes added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, preservatives or artificial ingredients &emdash; EVER. That is why Joyce Farms calls their beef Naked Beef. What’s more, Joyce Farms is proud to meet the highest industry standards for humane handling and safety &emdash; those set by Dr. Temple Grandin.

masami-logoMasami Foods 10+ Wagyu Beef has revolutionized Halperns’ American Wagyu profile. Japanese owned and operated and based on BMS (Beef Marbling Score), it is the only certified 10+ domestic Wagyu available in the United States. It was originally designed for export to Japan and only now is brought to the market exclusively by Halperns’. In addition to the highest marbled wagyu program available, Masami Ranch practices holistic and sustainable agricultural practices. Animals are born and fed on grain a minimum of 365 days, and raised on 7,000 acre ranch in the richest valley of Northern California. Masami also provides us with Masami Pork and has also partnered with a cooperative of 5 Hutterite hog farms. The Hutterite families enjoy a tradition deeply rooted in ranching and have the utmost respect and care for their animals. By combining the virtues of selected breeds chosen, the end result is the healthiest animals, producing the highest quality product! You will have to try both to believe the quality.

mountain-riverMountain River Natural Tender Venison from the free range pastures of New Zealand is the gourmet meat for a healthy lifestyle. Farmers in New Zealand recognize the need for a naturally produced, lean and delicious red meat. Natural Tender Venison satisfies the demand for culinary creativity, excellent nutrition, and exceptional flavor. Farmers in New Zealand take pride in what they produce and insist on farming in harmony with nature, not against it. The quality of their product proves it.

durhamranch-logoDurham Ranch is one of the nation’s premier brands of fresh, all natural, grain fed, USDA bison. Since bison are wild animals, the meat is naturally leaner. It has less fat and calories and more protein and iron than a comparable portion of beef, chicken, or even some fish. Bison is non-allergenic, is raised naturally without hormones, and is very flavorful.

Imported Australian Lamb is featured on so many menus these days. Australian lambs are raised on the country’s unspoiled pastureland, without unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. The genetics results in a lean, flavorful, all-natural product. Stringent feed management practices and selection processes, coupled with strict product specification, consistently produce a quality product. Australian Lamb is naturally aged for tenderness and the mild flavor offers unsurpassed freshness, quality, and value on today’s menus.

Manchester Farms is a second generation, family quail farm located in Columbia, South Carolina.  They pride themselves on raising happy, healthy heritage breed quail naturally.  They feel that if you give the best love, care, feed and environment there is no need for antibiotics.  Their quail eat a natural diet of grains plus vitamins, minerals and even probiotics. Manchester Farms is most recognized for their hand deboned Semi Boneless “European Style” quail with their signature “V-pin”.  The quail is deboned by ladies that have been deboning for decades and is a true craft.   All bones have been removed except the wing and the drumstick without tearing the meat or skin.

joycefarms_logoJoyce Farms Specialty Birds Also known as the “Naked Bird” are raised on small family farms in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. They are subject to stringent growing standards, similar to the LaBelle Rouge program in France, with no hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics, drugs or any other artificial products administered. All Tanglewood birds are USDA inspected and are fed only wholesome natural grains with no animal by-products. The feed and the aging process ensure a moist and tender meat every time. Their offerings include Poussin, Pintade, Pheasant, POULET ROUGE™, as well as fresh All Natural Turkeys in the holiday season.

Joe Jurgielewicz & Son continues to provide clients with the finest quality ducks for over 25 years. We use a grow out process that uses local natural grains to bring you a duckling with the perfect ratio of meat to fat. As a family owned business, we take deep pride in everything we do… from our modern barns to the latest technology. Our goal is to provide the perfect free roaming environment for the tastiest Pekin duck. We are leaders in sustainable farming and have our own water treatment facility processing and providing water for irrigation and fertilization. We are animal welfare advocates, providing clean air, pristine deep well water for drinking, as well as a perfect diet of corn and soybean. Our ducks also get the best veterinary care from owner and veterinarian, Dr. Joe Jurgielewicz.

true-north-logoTrue North Salmon is a true partner in environmental advocacy. Their brand is widely recognized and accredited for their values and dedication to coastal communities. True North’s philosophy is built on a “strong grassroots connection to the marine environment, a deep desire to foster environmental stewardship and a commitment to sustainable farming practices”. True North’s sustainable practices include maintaining marine quality, reducing energy consumption, conserving water, improving feed utilization, and reducing packaging and waste elimination. The end result is delicious fresh salmon every time from the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean right to your table.

cleanfish-msc-logosSustainable Seafood is one of our industry’s hottest topics. Over the last several years food service has experienced a heightened public awareness and desire to know what they are eating and how these products are grown and harvested. This trend has lead us to more mindful sourcing environmentally responsible product. Halperns’ has fully embraced this movement and provides our customers with a wide range of fresh seafood that is harvested from well managed fisheries who maintain healthy species population. We also have developed strong relationships with several “day boat” fishing fleets. In addition, we have aligned ourselves with several farms and suppliers in an effort to support and promote sustainable aquaculture, including “Cleanfish”. Whether you are looking for a wild caught, hook and line fresh catch or a trademark farm friendly brand, Halperns’ is sure to bring a variety of environmentally responsible prizes to your menu. Halperns’ is also proud to hold both the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification and the Aquamarine Stewardship Counsel (ASC) Certification

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