Halperns’ Wagyu

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The Wagyu was introduced in 1991, and they are direct descendants of the Japanese Wagyu. With a stronger forequarter, they were developed as draught animals. Considering their softer fat composition, lack of additional hormones, and their year-long diet of grain, the Australian Wagyu from W. Black always offers the highest quality of meat with all the tenderness and flavor you expect from a top-notch steak.

Domestic Wagyu Programs

Raised in the hills of Northern California, Masami Cattle Ranch is one of the few American Wagyu programs actually owned and operated by Japanese farmers. Halperns’ has partnered with Masami to pull a product that marbles above 10+ Beef Marbling Standard (BMS) ensuring a delectable experience every time. We also offer Rosewood Wagyu in Texas and Jackman Ranch Wagyu in Florida. These programs are truly exceptional.

W. Black

W. Black LogoAndrews Meat Industries is proud to introduce W. Black, the marbled Australian Wagyu. Bold, confident, strong, rich in flavour, and fine in texture. W. Black sets a new standard with this exclusive offering of premium Wagyu beef. W. Black cannot be categorised using traditional descriptions, rather it re-defines the standard by which we measure quality. Simply put, W. Black delivers.

The W. Black journey begins with intensive cattle selection undertaken by discerning livestock specialists. Starting with Australia’s leading Wagyu breeders and genetics, calves are hand selected for performance, softness, confirmation, and style. Further selection is undertaken throughout the feeding, processing, and carcass grading stages of the program performed under the guidance of our strategic partner and world’s leading meat processor, JBS Australia. Only after this extensive selection criteria can this small percentage of exceptional, highly marbled beef be branded as W. Black.

The end result is an incredible eating experience, rich in good fats, omega 3, and oleic acid. W. Black provides an opportunity for a select few to sample the earthy caramel flavour and silky texture of this highly sought-after beef.

Jackman Ranch

Jackman Ranch LogoJackman Cane and Cattle Company is a family-owned ranching company that operates 15 miles south of Clewiston, Florida. Jackman Cane and Cattle Company have been raising cattle in South Florida for 3 generations. They produce an all natural, high-quality American Kobe Style beef product that is completely hormone free and antibiotic free. They take pride in their wide selection of quality Wagyu beef products.

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