Halperns' 2019 Culinary Showcase in Atlanta, GA
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Halperns’ is proud to feature a full line of center of the plate items for your customers. From fresh and frozen seafood, to game meats and birds to old world sausages – we have it all. But Beef – That is our specialty.

“An expertly aged, masterfully cut steak is a sensory experience, not just another item on the menu.”

The United States produces the best beef in the world thanks to the hard work of generations of cattle producers committed to raising the highest-quality Angus type and continental breeds. The beef we purchase are fed a diet rich in Midwestern corn, resulting in steaks with remarkable flavor. Studies have shown that corn-based diets are superior in producing marbling in cattle, and marbling is where beef gets its flavor. Marbling levels translate, along with animal age, into a top quality beef.

Our Procurement Philosophy
Although we believe U.S. beef to be the best tasting in the world, simply buying beef because it’s from the U.S. is not good enough. We are plant specific in our purchases. Packing plants pull cattle from feed lots in a 100 to 150 mile radius of their location. Certain regions are known for producing richer, higher-quality cattle than others. It is these plants from whom we purchase. In addition, we constantly monitor the quality and trim level of our approved plants. They must maintain specific standards or risk being dropped from our list. Whether our customers are buying cut steaks or box beef, they benefit from our constant monitoring of the performance and consistency of our suppliers.

Proper aging is the next step in developing the best-tasting beef. Scientific research has shown that to maximize proteolytic degradation, or the breakdown of connective tissue, a minimum of 21 days age is required. We know from our experience that certain cuts benefit greatly from even more age. Our coolers are monitored on a consistent basis and maintained at optimum temperatures to allow us to go up to 45 days and beyond for those customers who request it.

In addition to traditional wet aging, we are also pleased to offer dry aging, known for its deep rich complex flavor. You have never had a better steak than a Halperns’ dry aged-steak.

Variety gives you flexibility, not only in the type of beef you wish to serve but also in the price point. Halperns’ is proud to offer you a wide range of options for your menu.

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