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harris-ranchThe Harris family began farming in California’s agriculture-rich San Joaquin Valley in 1937, and over the years has built a unique vertically integrated beef production system. Unlike most branded beef programs, all cattle are fed in our 120,000 head capacity, company-owned facility and harvested in our own processing facility located in Central California. The net result is exceptional quality and safety built into Harris Ranch beef products, from start to finish!

Halpern’s prides itself on being an innovator in the beef industry. We are proud to feature USDA – Certified Harris Ranch Natural Black Angus Beef, a beef product line which combines superior taste and tenderness, with the desires of more discerning operators for “natural” beef attributes. Harris Ranch’s USDA Certified Natural Black Angus Beef is more than a “black-hided”/quality graded beef program. Through our Partnership for Quality (PQ) program, we source an estimated 40,000 head of young feeder cattle each year that are of known genetic makeup. These cattle are raised by some of the most progressive ranch families in the western United States, using Angus bulls that meet exacting genetic criteria for cattle performance and carcass quality. Moreover, our ranching “partners” follow prescribed best management practices at the ranch.

One of the reasons our Harris Ranch beef is superior is because they are involved in production from the ranch to the table. They Implemented a Partnership for Quality program where they contract with cattle producers to provide the feedlot with cattle that meet our rigorous requirements, are raised according to specified best practices and then are fed according to our high standards. Through this program they are able to source-verify an increasing number of cattle every year.

Since corn fed beef is considered to be the most flavorful beef available, their feedlot (over 100,000 head capacity) in Central California purchases Midwestern corn by the trainload to serve as the basis for their scientifically formulated rations. Their cattle are specially fed for typically 120 days to ensure that Harris Ranch All Natural Certified Premium Beef provides the most pleasurable dining experience possible. All Harris-fed cattle are supplemented with Vitamin E to maximize the desirability of the resulting beef cuts. Humane handling practices are implemented during all aspects of production.

Halpern’s features a wide variety of All Natural, Premium Black Angus items from Harris Ranch. All Items are USDA Graded and available in select choice and Prime Grades. In addition, Harris Ranch also sorts the high choice product under their “4-Diamond” program.

Halpern’s is proud to carry selections in all quality grades. Our typical inventory includes:

  • Export Ribs
  • Primal Ribs (103)
  • Lipon Ribeyes
  • 2 Pc. Chuck
  • Top Blade or Flat Irons
  • Briskets
  • Short Ribs, Bone In and Boneless
  • Peeled Knuckles
  • Shortlions
  • Striploins
  • Top Sirloins
  • Tenderloins
  • Flanks
  • Cheek Meat
  • Hanging Tenders
  • Teres Majors

Should you need something you do not see above, just ask. We will be happy to bring it in for you.

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